Terrain Generation with AGFPro 3.0 (3D Terrain)

A video clip of world/terrain generation with AGFPRO 3.0. I previously created a scene with AGFPRO’s Voxel DLC terrain tool then used the default terrain tool to add more terrain as shown in the video.


Mixamo Fuse – Make a 3d character in mintues!

Hello! I’m just an indie game developer making some videos about game development. I also build custom rigs for gaming.
At the moment I’m just showing off Mixamo Fuse character creation software. I added some indie game music and a couple of clips of some indie game development with Unity and AGFPro (world construction) software at the end of the video.
If people are interested I’ll put more videos out about using the auto-rigging at Mixamo’s website with your characters and other game dev related topics about software like using Blender, AGFPro and Unity3D.

Testing a custom built PC with Need 4 Speed Most Wanted

Just seeing how my custom built PC handles a game or two.  Using an AMD FX 6300 6 core processor with Asus M5A 78L-M USB3 motherboard, 16GB PNY Anarchy 1633mhz RAM, Nvidia EVGA GeForce GTX 950 SSC Graphics card. Nothing special, just want to see how well it does.